Pregnant Coleen Garcia recalls 'spotting' scare


Posted at May 12 2020 12:52 PM

MANILA – Actress-host Coleen Garcia admitted that her mental health suffered during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

Garcia and husband Billy Crawford announced her pregnancy last May 1. Garcia, who is now five months pregnant, found out that she’s expecting las January.

In their vlog titled “First Trimester Kwento,” Garcia shared that she got depressed after she was ordered to take a bed rest for two weeks after experiencing a spotting or light bleeding. 

She said that it happened on the second month of her pregnancy. 

“Bigla ako nagka-spotting. I called the OB, we have to go there right away and nagpa-ultrasound and there was a bit of blood outside the sac. Ang tawag doon ay subcronic hemmorage of hematoma. It was normal daw. …My OB put me on two weeks bed rest. After two weeks bed rest, I was fine. The blood clot was gone. Everything was great kaya lang ‘yung mental state ko really, really suffered during that time. That whole two weeks kasi I wasn’t allowed to do anything but stay in bed. Puwede lang ako bumangon sa kama 'pag mag-si-CR lang ako. Sobrang active ako na tao,” Garcia recalled.

“I was so depressed. You know the feeling na you feel so icky, so ugly, so gross, and I just felt like a sloth lang talaga. Nakadikit lang ako sa bed. It’s so easy to shrug it off na parang 'wala 'yan, after two weeks okay ka,’ but that’s not how I felt during that time. I have an overactive mind to the point na minsan it’s anxiety-inducing already for me. To be in bed for two weeks, not doing anything, with anxiety, really made me feel so depressed,” she added.

Garcia said that everything turned better after she finished the two weeks bed rest. “'Yung overcoming that feeling of depression during those two weeks, was already something that I had a hard time with. By God’s grace we got through that period," she said.

"It’s different now kasi iba ‘yung naka-quarantine ka, iba ‘yung naka-bed rest ka. Now, I’m just so happy that the baby is healthy, the baby is fine. So everything was fine, everything was normal,” Garcia said.

Before the end of their vlog, the couple shared that they already know the gender of their baby after Garcia took a non-invasive prenatal (NIPT) test.

Here’s the video of Coleen and Billy sharing their first trimester story. 

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